Bring real and lasting productivity to yourself
and your organization

Self-mastery – the essential skill for effectively leading our self and others – is neither a philosophical nor esoteric undertaking. Rather, it is a tangible and scientifically describable process at which anyone can succeed using the right tools.

Based on over two and half decades of research in systems thinking, linguistics and neuropsychology,  offers scientifically validated methods and practical tools you can readily master and apply to rapidly lead yourself and your organization toward achieving your goals and objectives.

Advance Praises for YouLeadYou

The author has taken a unique approach to present the most tangible and practical blend of modern brain and mind sciences I have read. He provides a concise description of how four modes of thinking routinely block our progress, and offers simple scientific tools to overcome them. I highly recommend this book to those who want to transform their lives in practical and enduring ways.
Sam Morida, Ph.D.

I like many things about this book, and in particular I applaud the in-depth scientific research and soul-searching the author has done to be able to explain the concepts clearly while giving the reader a chance to “go it on his/her own” to find the best path to master his/her self.
Bradley Winch, Ph.D., J.D.

This book more than delivers on its premise of demystifying the idea of self-mastery by putting the reader in charge of it. It provides clear understandings and valuable insights based on both modern science and age-old teachings. Its practical exercises and tools allow the readers to take charge of their thoughts, emotions and lives.
Peter Harding, M.D.


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