is a firm that offers an integrated system combining brain and cognitive sciences, linguistics, systems thinking, philosophy and self-leadership to aid individuals,teams and organizations reach their potential and objectives.

What differentiates our approach is combining these disciplines into a practical method that is easy to master, readily usable, and that anyone in any position can employ to become more productive.


Founder/Senior Trainer

Nasser D. Salehinia

 Dr. Nasser D. Salehinia is a brain and cognitive sciences scholar, writer and trainer. He has written two books,  YouLeadYou: The Neuroscience of Self-Mastery, and Leadership Intelligence: Leading with the Brain in Mind (soon to be published).

He began his scientific work as a research scholar under the guidance Dr. Stan Grof, the renowned brain researcher and psychiatrist. He continued his training under the direction of Dr. Peter Harding, a Jungian and cognitive psychiatrist.

His business expertise includes founding and leading of several successful companies, including:

Founder and Managing Director of YouLeadYou, a consulting and training firm focused on using practical science to assist individuals, manager, leaders and organizations to become more productive and successful.

Founder and CEO of Inovia, a strategic consulting firm specialized in creating profitable growth through leadership development, competency building, and the implementation of innovative strategies.

Founder, CEO and Chairman of InterTrade Systems Corporation, a pioneering eCommerce technology company created to improve B2B performance in the largest US supply chain — the Food and Consumer Packaged Goods industry. InterTrade was acquired by Mediagrif, a Canadian public company (MDF:Toronto).

In addition, he holds numerous senior trainer certifications, including in NLP, Neurofeedback Appreciative Inquiry, Psycho-Cybernetics, Open Space Technology, Leadership Development, Ericksonian Communication, and Gestalt, and has been active in training and development since 1989.

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