YouLeadYou is an organization offering practical cognitive neuroscience-based education, training and consulting to aid individuals, teams and organizations reach their potential and objectives.


Nasser D. Salehinia PhD, is a cognitive neuroscience researcher, educator and author. He has written two books, YouLeadYou: The Neuroscience of Self-Mastery, and Leadership IntelligenceLeading with the Brain in Mind (soon to be published).

His area of focus is the cognitive system of the brain called the Default Mode Network (DMN), and how our mental habits, beliefs, everyday situations, or traumas can over-activate this network, adversly affecting brain function and then our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, preventing us from effectively leading our lives and reaching our potentials.

The purpose of his teachings is to provide tangible and practical neuroscience-based skills to normalize the functioning of the DMN network so we can master our true abilities and achieve our desired lives.

Nasser’s passion is to help grow individuals and develop communities in which people coexist in kindness and in peace.

He began his scientific work as a research scholar under the guidance of Dr. Stan Grof, the renowned neuropsychiatrist, author, and founder of SEN.

He has also founded and led several successful companies, including:
Founder and Managing Director of his current company YouLeadYou, an educational, training and consulting firm assisting individuals and organizations to become more productive and successful.

Founder and CEO of Inovia, a strategic consulting firm specializing in creating profitable growth through leadership development, competency building, and the implementation of innovative strategies.

Founder, CEO and Chairman of InterTrade Systems Corporation, a pioneering eCommerce technology company created to improve B2B performance in the largest US supply chain. InterTrade was acquired by Mediagrif, a Canadian public company (MDF:Toronto).

In addition, he holds numerous senior trainer certifications, including in NLP, Neurofeedback Appreciative Inquiry, Psycho-Cybernetics, Open Space Technology, Leadership Development, Ericksonian Communication, and Gestalt, and has been active in training and development since 1984.

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